Managing the ProjectEdit

In this guide I have tried to help those wishing to Create an Audio Tour Guide. I would finally like to share with you some thoughts about managing the project. If the project is to be commercially produced by a specialist organisation this Guide will have given you some insight into the work involved. If you understand the amount of work involved in producing a finished tour you are in a better position to judge the value and quality you are getting for the fee that you will be paying.
If, as we at OpenAudio hope, you may be part of a geographic community or a community of common interest and you decide to think about the challenge of building at Audio Tour then this section is particularly designed to help you.
Since I first wrote this (in early 2007) the number of audio tours available for visitors to places and attractions around the world has grown rapidly. GPS has become embedded into mobile devices such as the iPhone and audio tours are readily available for download.

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