The all important first 45 seconds of your tourEdit

The first track to be played should always be Track 1. This is the track that includes the Legal Disclaimer, any Copyright Notice and the Personalisation of the Narrator -
Personalisation is where the narrator established their personality and presence with the listener
Hello I am I am the… (why I am qualified to be your guide) and will be your guide for this tour of (where) The Tour will take (timings including for both the full tour and any optional part or short route tours). Plus the Disclaimer - (see note below)
The exact text of the disclaimer will depend upon the content of the tour and whether the owners of the area being visited require specific wording to comply with their public liability insurance cover. This is an important aspect of designing a tour. Be sure to get professional advice before publishing the tour. You overlook doing a proper disclaimer at your cost!! (Possibly a very substantial cost)
You may wish to ‘force’ the playing of the first track to ensure that the listener had heard the relevant material in the Introduction.
Where the tour is being downloaded as an MP3 file from the web it is possible to password protect the ‘.zip’ compressed file. The person downloading the tour must accept the terms and conditions and any disclaimer before being given the password and thereby being able to open and play the MP3 files.
If the tour is set-up as a random tour be careful not to assume information from preceding tracks. Use the “Remember we mentioned earlier that…. " phrase to cover any unavoidable presumed knowledge.
Try to create a sense of Journey or Exploration through the use of the words “journey, explore, examine, find, look at, discover.
Create a sense of Privilege and Knowledge for the listener by using phrases like “few people realise that”, “those that know”, “experts believe”.
Use sound clips to impart ‘nuggets of information’ possibly with a relevant voice that may be a present day relation or friend of a key person being mentioned. e.g. Speaking at the opening of the attraction in 1985 the Lord Mayor said “quote quote quote……..(delivered in a suitable voice [but not necessarily that of the Lord Mayor!! Unless you happen to have a recording made at the time]) The listener then imagines themselves there at the time- sound effects (technically known as FX) also have a role to play - examples include
Marching feet of soldiers, Stormy night, Creaking timbers, Sound of ships loading, Carts on Cobble streets, Shouted voices in the distance, Hooting Owl, Sounds of machinery working
But don’t overdo it just for the sake of putting in FX everywhere…
Finding suitable voices to narrate the script or to provide cameo pieces of dialogue can be difficult. A good starting point is the local Amateur Dramatic Society where you will find people who understand timing, speak clearly and can use their voice to good effect.

A bit about 'Timings'Edit

Time codes are the master time reference scales used for each complete piece or programme – they start at 00:00 (zero minutes zero seconds) and run to 15:00, 30:00, 45:00 minutes or 1:00:00 for an hour long programme. When the final edit is pulled together the time code is the master framework upon which the piece is assembled. The other sort of timings are segment timings- they describe how long the intro will last and how long the sign off or credits will last. The list below gives some ideas about appropriate lengths for some of the initial and final segments
Promo 00:10 – this will describe the tour -
Welcome to this walking tour of Ballycastle Co Antrim – sponsored by UnLtd in conjunction with Open Communities, a not for profit organisation building audio tour guides for you the visitor.
Intro 00:20 – Who you are why you are qualified to introduce or give the tour-
My name is Nick Rogers, I have known Ballycastle for over 30 years and I have seen many changes. But to really understand the town and its history it is best to talk to people who have lived here for several generations.
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